Sex God Blueprint Review

An online guide on how to perk up your performance in bed sounds crazy. Will it be worth a try? Or is it just another of the online scams?

You can find out by reading this unbiased Sex God Blueprint review right here!

Hi I am Paul Silver.

I’ve been a regular in the online market. And, for some reason, the online guides always seem to catch my attention. I have bought, personally tried and reviewed several online guides.

The other day I stumbled upon the Sex God Blueprint. I won’t say I was taken by surprise at seeing the product (have come across several such guides online), but I was definitely amazed by the numerous positive reviews this product had garnered.  I was a little skeptical. Do these guides actually make a difference?

Little did I know that a close buddy of mine had already bought himself a copy of the program! He shared his little secret with me and in return I teased him for his foolishness. He didn’t seem to mind. He told me he had nothing to lose. If it didn’t work, he would simply return the product and claim his refund.

When he finally put it to use, I was more eager to find out whether it had worked or not. We’re really close buddies so he didn’t mind sharing tit-bits of his experiences with me. He also briefed me on the facts and details and generously gave me a peek into the package (hopefully, I will put them to use someday). So, based on my friend’s experiences and a bit of personal research on the product here’s an unbiased Sex God Blueprint review


What is a Sex God Blueprint about?

Sex God Blueprint is an online sex guide in the digital format. It is a female arousal and seduction program. The Sex God Blueprint eBook has been authored by Joey Jay. Joey Jay is a well know seduction expert.

Sex is an issue that we all shy away from. We hesitate to discuss it with others. This is where the Sex God Blueprint fits in. It can be a real life saver.

When in bed, women always expect their man to take charge. However, not every man is capable of doing so. Besides this, every woman is different. Each has varied expectations. How can a man fulfill a woman’s desire in bed? Sex God blueprint provides the answers to all these questions. It offers valuable information to perk up your sex life and improve your relationship with women.

The first thing the guide helps with is boosting your confidence in bed. It gives you the confidence to take control so that you will never have to fake it in bed again. It enlists the different methods men can use to turn a woman on. It instructs on the effective use of foreplay to give your girlfriend multiple, long and really strong orgasms. It guides you on reading signs that tell a woman has achieved an orgasm. Thus, you also can tell if she is faking it. The ability to satisfy her in bed will literally have her craving for you. So, it’s like a security; you don’t have to worry about other macho men wooing her.

This blueprint for sex also gives you a peek into a woman’s mind to help you understand her thoughts and secret desires. It trains an individual in varying aspects of sex ranging from sex positions to communication during sex. It also briefs men on the most dangerous mistakes they make in the bed.


So, what do you get in the package?

This is what you receive in the package and the member’s area. The package contains a PDF eBook and videos structured in 6 modules. Each of them addresses a different aspect of sexual activity enabling you to gain total mastery in the art of arousing a woman and pleasing her in bed. You will also receive bonus guides free of charge.  They are “Fulfilling her Dirty Desires”, “Manhood Mastery Video Training Series” and “Practicing Presence Bonus Video”.  On purchasing the Sex Gold Blueprint guide you will be provided with the author’s email address. You can consult him and seek answers to any other questions you have in relation to your sexual life.


Pros and Cons

Sex God Blueprint boasts of several outstanding features. However, it also has a few weak points. Here’s a quick glance at the pros and cons of Sex God Blueprint.



  • The product is designed to appeal to a variety of users.
  • The advice the guide provides is not the same rehashed content. It is new and very different from the sex tips 90% couples follow.  It offers high quality content.
  • The methods complied are tried and tested tips that have all shown to work in the past.
  • It uses conversational language that is easy to understand. Not only this, everything is listed in a lucid manner. It is precise and brief.
  • It incorporates easy to use functions. Thus, you need not be a technical expert or an ace in computer programs to use and download the program. It’s easy to operate.
  • It is a feature rich online guide.
  • For moments when you do experience technical difficulties, you can contact the support team. They are ever-ready to help.
  • The program is also portable. It can be downloaded on your Laptop, smart phones and tablets. Thus, you can carry it wherever you want and use it whenever you want.
  • It is a superb deal for the price.



There are no glitches in the product. However, a possible con is its unavailability in local stores. Everyone who wishes to purchase the product needs to purchase it online. In addition to this if you want to get the best results and keep your girlfriend, you should read and follow the instructions properly.

Where can you buy the product?

The product is only available for purchase online. You can purchase Sex God Blueprint online at the official website. For more details on the product you can check out the promotional video posted on the official website. We have also included a link to direct you to the official Sex God Blueprint page. On ordering, the guide will be available for download. Download the program and start using the valuable secrets mentioned within.


Money Back Guarantee

The author of Sex Gold Blueprint offers a money back guarantee. It is an 8 weeks (60 days) unconditional money back guarantee.  If you are unsatisfied with the product or the product results you can return the program and claim a full refund. However, you can rest assured as the refund rate is “None-so-far”.


Final Verdict

So, giving you our final word, this online guide stays true to its name. It is not only excellent but also highly effective. With its weird sexual secrets, insider techniques and amazing sex tips it lets you be the macho man in bed. Sex God Blueprint earns a 4/5 from me. You can order your copy; I am sure you won’t regret it. The program is legit and not a scam.


We hope this short unbiased Sex God Blueprint review answered all the queries in your mind regarding this product.